Class of ’99, Vol. 7

It's Disco!
Evan Dorkin, From Generation Ecch (1994)

Funnily enough, Evan Dorkin gets this partly right. Rave was never a highly sexualized subculture. I’m sure there was more risky sex in the rave scene than in the general teen population, as well as every other kind of high-risk behavior. But the scene was never overtly sexual. Raves seemed to draw about as many girls as boys, all cloaked in XXXL threads that left everything to the imagination.

There were lots of gay teenagers in the rave scene. Gay guys would sometimes wear tight shirts, and lesbians seemed to identify each other with dad-sized, buttoned-down Oxfords. No one was letting it all hang out, females were generally non-slutty, and guys weren’t aggressively macking on girls even when everyone was fucked up. This is how I remember things, anyway. Maybe that wasn’t everyone’s experience.

Class of ’99, Volume 07: Untitled B
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About the cover

This volume’s cover is from an ad for Untitled, a landmark ravewear store in Lincoln Park. The original Untitled featured a balcony with a DJ booth on it, overlooking an Art Nouveau fountain that flowed into a stocked koi pond. The store always smelled like Nag Champa, and they let you hang out in there for as long as you wanted.

Back in those days, there were about 7 shops between the Belmont and Fullerton train stations where ravers could congregate, distribute flyers, and collect mixtapes: Belmont Army Surplus, Ragstock, Rocket 69, Gramaphone, Untitled, plus a few cafés and skate shops. Southsiders also had their spots—like Level and Hot Jams—but these shops were few and far-between.

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