Class of ’99 Vol. 10

Welcome back, and I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. This year would have been the 30th anniversary of Blessings, a yearly rave founded by Chicago’s Incredibeets crew. While most raves happened on Friday or Saturday night, Blessings occurred on Chicago’s most infamous quasi-holiday, ‘Blackout Wednesday’. I always suspected this was a local phenomenon, and, indeed, the stub on Wikipedia categorizes ‘Blackout Wednesday’ under ‘Chicago’ and points out that it’s a bigger party night than even New Years’ Eve. I don’t remember if I ever blacked out at Blessings (which doesn’t mean I didn’t), but I do remember feeling extremely cracked-out on Thursday.

Blessings (1997)

I still have my flyer for Blessings ’97, which was illustrated by Chicago’s resident caricaturist, DJ Phil Free Art. Phil mostly worked in pen-and-ink, and then used his Kinko’s card to print up the zines he handed it out at parties for free (hence the surname). This flyer was the first time I ever saw him do a vector drawing. Somehow, the cover art got screwed up and her shoes aren’t masked properly (though the back is correct). That bugged me when I was 17, and looking at the flyer now, it still bugs me today because I’m uptight like that.

Phil was a staple of the Chicago rave scene, with his signature style of illustration and his cheesy Happy Hardcore sets. Sadly, Phil passed away in 2015, and was honored in that year with a Blessings revival that featured his iconic raver-girl character.

“Show Me The Way” is therefore dedicated to DJ Phil Free Art, for whose contribution we are eternally thankful.

Class of ’99, Volume 10: Show Me The Way
Download the mix (MP3, 42 Minutes, 96 MB)

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