Class of ’99, Vol. 2

1999 was the year my rocket to stardom blew up on the launchpad. I had a demo tape circulating in ’98, that I made at home with a Roland Groovebox and a Dr. Sample. Somehow my tape made it into the hands of an A&R guy, who passed it to a producer named Manny, who hired me as a producer in his studio. Manny was one half of a House duo called 20 Fingers, who scored a series of gold records, including “Lick It” and “Short Dick Man“. This was definitely not my style, and Manny brought me on because he wanted to do something more “underground”. But then he mostly had me working on these kinds of records. I didn’t really want to remix songs about dry pussies and short dicks, but hey, a job’s a job.

One time, Manny asked me what my stage name was going to be. I told him I was going to have to think about it, because I didn’t actually have nom de guerre, but I didn’t want to release records as Morgan, which is my actual first name. One day, I was in the studio and saw the talent roster he had sent out to all the labels. He listed me on there as Morgo Deep.

“What the fuck is this?” I asked him. “No fucking way am I going to go as ‘Morgo Deep’!” Manny insisted that this was a hot pseudonym. “Man, you’ll be up on stage, behind the decks, and all the girls’ll be like ‘Go Deeep! Go Deeep!'” After this, it was all downhill between me and Manny. My performance in the studio was generally lackluster, and he eventually dropped me from his lineup.

This volume is entitled “Go Deep”, in honor of Manny Mohr, who gave me my first big break in the music industry (which I squandered). It’s also named after The 1998 Janet Jackson video in which a mob of ravers trash some kid’s house when his parent are out of town (I can attest to this happening many a time, irl).

About the cover

Ladybug² Flyer
Ladybug2 (1995)

The cover art for this volume comes from a flyer for Ladybug2, designed by Ladybug Collective. My girlfriend had this flyer taped to her wall, and I was always jealous that I didn’t have it my collection. It’s significant because it was the first flyer (to my memory) that employed this Designer’s Republic aesthetic, a trend that would last through the 90s.

Ladybug2 was a rave that would live in infamy. I didn’t go to 1 or 2, but this is the story I remember: Ladybug 1 was an unprecedented success, considered by many to be the best Chicago rave to that point. There was massive hype and anticipation for Ladybug2, with a star-studded lineup that included Keoki, the high-profile club kid and self-described ‘Superstar DJ’, and actual superstar DJ James Christian.

Ladybug² Flyer (back)

Co-organized by multiple promotion companies, and sponsored by multiple record labels, Ladybug drew the largest crowd of any Chicago rave to date. And then it got busted by the police, and shut down — hard. Normally, when the cops shut down a party, they would just tell everyone to leave. Worst-case scenario, they would see some dealing and arrest a few people. But this time, for some reason, they detained large numbers of kids, made them sit against the all, brought in a fleet of paddy wagons and performed mass arrests. If anyone was there, or knows more details about Ladybug2, please chime in.

Class of ’99, Volume 02: Go Deep
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